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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004 - 10:07 am Click here to edit this post
Half the suggestions posted here arent thought threw at all. /Boggle Guess some people dont think about it. Please dont spam (post the same post on numerous different boards and threads). Not only is it annoying but people have to go threw them all, even if they have seen the same message 4 times already. The help staff will get to it when they do. Posting it numerous times wont get you answered sooner and will if anything get you ignored, golden rule of costumer service. /grin

Bad Ideas from people, not thought out...
1) Speed up all the worlds alot. Many of the people wanting faster worlds complain now about not having time to log in as it is. Faster world means more loggins at some weird times of the day to keep on top of things. If you were away for 2 days you can be declared on and destroyed. Leave them how they are except maybe GR, see bottom.
2)Out of game messages arent going to happen, W3 has advertisers to appease. You also have to consider how much code or workers it would take to do that. Look below for the code problems, more workers means all the worlds would have to be pay to play to pay the workers. Then you can really start complaining.
3)To make resources move around/natural disasters would take huge amounts of code that would bring the game to a crawl. Instead of speeding up worlds they would slow to a crawl, possibly 1 month a day. W3 is trying to elimanate code as is right now for quicker game updating. Thats not even considering what it would do to corps that are already thin on profit margins or lacking in number as is.
4)Color coding maps; there arent enough colors for all the feds. Some would look so similar you couldnt tell. That and the world would look like a 2 yearr old was handed every color of paint available and was throwing it against a wall. Most Fed are spread out over many regions.
5)Cut these guys some slack. Too many requests at one time means important things wont be done in the near future if ever. Think about all angles of your proposals, the good and bad.

Good Ideas from people, well thought out...
1)Have WG run at 2 monthes a day, KB run at 3/4 monthes a day, FB at 3/4 monthes a day, and GR can vote for their's since they pay for it. That way you have worlds that fit different peoples available time to spend on the game.
2) Update Game Documentation, especially for military units/personal needed.
3) Send Game Updates telling what will happen acouple days before the changes take effect. Let people prepare for it.
4) Do Corp/Military/Worker changes gradually. Slowly bring it to the point you want. Not all at one time.
5) Remove the peaceful C3s from the game entirely. If neccesary remove a region or 2 per continent and let actives in those regions relocated EVERYTHING about their country to another area. Maps would be cleaner, less code, actives can be closer to each other. Added bonus would be people might just comminucate more with neighbors, and a real community could spring up.

High Lord
Bad Karma

Be happy people... There have been more changes (for the better more or less) in the past month than in the last 6 monthes.

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