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About attacking and war!!!! (Kebir Blue)

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Saturday, September 18, 2004 - 08:47 pm Click here to edit this post
! ... I can declare a war of one person against how many you know for the enemy side ... and win too ...

1. the president is just the exercise of the way he sees the country - which has to be learned or not, that depends - it is not the way it was elected for this job (the election depends on culture, and actually, today, on fear, hunger, lies, perspiration, instincts and many other things related to humanoid species); the president it is not the one to represent the war deals evolution (see Bush jr., he was an aircraft pilot in some wars), it is the one who shows how he sees the war ... from the air, with eagle raptor eyes!!
2. if the enemy kills the image of the raptor, then he just misses the point, his armies will not counter-attack with same anger an attacker without such an eagle raptor leader.
3. actually, because I opened the subject about Bush, this muppet is not quite the raptor we used to see in horrors on HBO TVs in the past few years ... it is (in case you saw the movie) a Scaramouche, unsubtle, but soft, vulgar, but smiley, rather weak, but fast furious, looking sane, but anthropologically insane ... because he needs also to leave a false impression in the eyes of many other world living humanoids.
4. the president is not the operations leader, is the image and voice leader ...
5. I don't think Josh read these, Jonni Gil or even you, did you read all I said about what happens after the war when the small represented conqueror cannot continue to lead the recently conquered lands because of the interference with the interests of the alliances of the defeated?
Or what about the C3s, what I said about them!!?

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