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About attacking and war!!!! (Kebir Blue)

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Thursday, September 16, 2004 - 09:03 pm Click here to edit this post
Josh Roth, don't listen to david wendelken, in the real world there are no wars opposing presidents to huge armies of an enemy. Only in the mind of some people these might go like david said.
The presidents are not those who compete in such conquests.

But you are right Josh, a small army, no matter how small, can be very effective against an enemy. Question is: how can a small army control the evidence of a war disaster after it wins on the battlefields!?
And here you are right again Josh, if the country selected by the small attacker is not allied with other world wide partners then nobody will interfere to push back the small army and protect the defeated country from it's enemy.

I think the players must be enforced to learn the advantagees of joining a federation and/or other continental, world community immediately after their registration. This way the game will run better for everyone!

Plus that the world wide noise of war immediately after our first login will help us to find faster the friends and the potential enemies, bringing more interaction and more fun.

I think it would be better to change some things with the Computer controlled countries, C3s must wage constantly war against each other or against other real players, we will register in countries under attack of someone and we will have to rebuild and manage to drive the wars against others bribing the enemy or using capital transfers. If the wars we paid for the mercenary C3 (or a players group) are won then we receive the gains. we heard the war noise, we were at war from the begining, we use money transfers or intelligence or tech supplies for other wars, while our country is still peaceful, did not attacked anyone ... What do you say Josh?

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