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Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 10:03 am Click here to edit this post
we're starting to cover similar territory with the 'Culture' thread.

on reflection, your idea would be easier to implement, and a better system to work with. it ofers more options than a set group of characteristics in each gov type.

players could be given a set amount of points to increase different aspects of their country. they could free up points for other areas by making some things less effective. once the choices are made, the modifications would last until that country is reset or deregged and could not be changed until then.

all the previously made suggestions ie faster attack rounds, more destructive civil unrest, higher/lower interest on loans could be accomodated in this system. in fact, the more features of the game that could be modified, the better.

players could decide not to have any advantages to their country, or could choose only disadvantages, in order to gain a bonus to their score.

peaceful players would have to have less points to allocate, since military advantages would be worthless to them (i just hate those pinko commie peaceniks).

btw, insomnia is the mark of a hard-core SC player :)

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