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Common market--ease of use

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Saturday, June 12, 2004 - 01:12 pm Click here to edit this post
I invited about 20 countries/ceos to my common market (most have already accepted). I figured the process would be similar to inviting a country to join a fed. I quickly found out how wrong I was. First I had to search for a link where I could vote. That was already a major pain (it was in the Dashboard)

The process of voting for each of the new people (whom I had already invited!) was as tedious as setting up 20 contracts. So here are my suggestions on how to make this a smoother process:

1. Put a link on the home page of a country/ceo to the common market that country/ceo is a part of. Deciding whether or not to invite someone to your common market would be greatly simplified if this was done.

2. Put a link to the voting page in the common market details page, much like the way it is for federations. Instead of having to hunt around for a crucial link, make things consistant.

3. Allow voting to be done directly on the main voting page (like setting salaries for corporations can be done for all corporations at once from the corporation salary page). If I could have voted for all 20 at once, that would have saved much time, frustration and bandwidth.

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