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Add diplomatic angle (Fearless Blue)

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Jarren (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - 06:52 pm Click here to edit this post
To increase the complexity of, and therefore the interest in, the possibilities inherent in war, especially for FB, might I suggest allowing countries to place military bases in other countries.

It would work like this.

1. An empire can place a base of any country in the empire in any other country of the empire at any time. All costs associated/arms/munitions to come from the country that owns the base rather than the country where it is placed.

2. A country can place a base in the country of a fed mate with the presidents permission. Again all costs/manpower to be borne by originating country, plus payment of `lease fees` to country where it is based.

3. A country can place a base in any other country on payment of an agreed fee, and contract for agreed ongoing lease costs being accepted by both parties. To be for a defined period eg 60 months.

The details.

1. Costs to be higher for arms in a foreign base, than is true of domestic base.
2. Military value of base does not appear in the war index of the country it is in.
3. Owner can use the base against another country without permission of president of country it is in.
4. Counries can use airpower against a foreign base in a neutral country without being at war with that country, but cannot use ground forces without declaring war first.
5. Military of host country does not defend the foreign base.
6. You can transfer forces to and from bases outside your country, but with a delay due to transport. ie if you send 20 000 oh to an external base, they cannot be deployed for x months.
7. Range limitations on weapons are based on the location of country they are in, not home country. ie. If you can get a base close to an opponent, it doesnt matter how far they are from your home country, you can attack with whatever is in the base.
8. Prescence of bases not readily apparant from home page of host country ie. its hard to find those plotting against you.
9. To use full range of defence and offence, you would need def and off bases and airports in the host. ie. an off base will not have defense unless a def base is built in the same country.
10. Automatic defense systems would treat assets in another country as being distinct from those in the home country. ie if you destroyed all the missiles in a foreign placed base, redeplyment would only involve the missiles based in that country. To replenish from home stocks would involve transpot, and that x month delay when they would be unavailable.
11. It would require the intro of an assett class of transporters. If they are destroyed, you cannot transfer miltary between bases in different countries. ? could use air transport and 1 or 2 months if on same continent, but ships if overseas transport is required, and 3 or 4 months delay.
12. Foreign bases NOT to count toward war index, if you can destroy the owner country, you can ignore its foreign based bases.

1. You can use ground forces against an opponent who cannot use them against you if you can find a suitable base of operations (and they cant).
2. Feds can increase their offensive power by all putting bases in the country nearest the enemy.
3. Small countries can make money leasing base space to others, but at the risk of being dragged into a war with a powerful country.
4. A country can attack a base based in that country by declaring war against the owner.
5. Allows for the possibility of introducing `intelligence agencies` to the game (I have seen talk of this), as countries will need to try to discover who has bases in the countries nearest them
6. Will allow for the `ambush` of even strong players if they are careless in their diplomacy, by building bases near them.
7. Allows strategy. If you can induce a player to put large numbers of assets in a foreign country (by diversionary attack), and then attack and destroy his transports, you can effectively isolate those units.
8. Increase the ability of warlords to create mayhem by letting them build strings of bases around the world, but increases the ability of weaker countries to bring them down, as maintaining forces in foreign bases will reduce the number at home.

This may not be feasible depending on how the database is set up, but it would be interesting.

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