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Suggestions for the nuclear weapons (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Suggestions for the nuclear weapons (Fearless Blue)

God Damn Hippies (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, April 17, 2005 - 12:32 am Click here to edit this post
I believe, IMHO, that nuclear weapons should be the supreme weapon in the game.

nuclear missiles and sub missiles should be unstoppable by the defence. this makes the weapons extremely unbalanced. to counter-act that unbalance, these weapons should only be available if the president builds the proper corps in his country and sells them directly to the weapon arsenal. the cost should be in the trillions and should only produce 1 nuke per year/corp. the corps themselves should have massive HT worker requirements, much along the lines of HT services or advanced quality. trading these weapons between players should be prohibited.

in the case of strategic bombers, the bombers themselves should not be the primary target of interceptors. fighters and navy fighters should have the ability to escort these bombers to the target. interceptors would target the fighters first to show that the fighters are protecting the bombers. range is a factor, but with navies one should be able to have the fighers in range of any target. this is currently impossible because navy and land based weapons cannot attack at the same time even if they are in the same country. that error should be fixed.

nuclear missile batteries should be constructed and placed on the map like forts. they are fixed locations built into the ground and should not be allowed to be transported to other countries. thier placement on the map could be handled much in the way that forts are.

these changes are not extremely difficult to do and fit within exsisting programming. with thier high costs and logistical requirments, they would be difficult to obtain but well worth the money. uranium and and plutonium corps should also be handled in the same manor as the nulcear weapon corps (high HT requirements and local trading only).

for an advanced feature; players with war treaties could be made to automaticly return nuclear arms when such arms are used on them, regardless of an in progress war declaration. this adds a nice MAD element to the weapon and the game.

not to mention these changes would be 100% realistic without destroying the balance of the game.

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