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Suggestion, Defense costs (White Giant)

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Rain Storm (White Giant)

Monday, April 11, 2005 - 07:58 pm Click here to edit this post
The problem:
As I understand it military costs increased to hurt Larger countries.
Yet they actualy hurt Both large and small.
I have a country, a smaller one, with about 4.2mil pop.
My income and costs:
427,576.53M $E income. 1,198,399.59M $E total cost

Total Defense Cost 1,064,201.34M $E
This is after I doubled my default Military, possibly a lil more.

I can not create new corps: low level, mid level worker shortages.
My finance Index whent from 140ish to below 70.

I can not destroy arms, my defense is to weak. I can not Deactivate arms eather.
So now I am going to go into debt because I felt underdefended. As president I dont see how that should be possible. I should be able to reduce costs to ballance the budget.

My solution:
Use a scale from smaller countries on up to larger countries to increase the defense costs.
As it stands now, smaller countries can not support a decent defense or they go into debt with no way out.
Mind you the game says my defense is to weak to disband/deactivate. If its to weak then it should not break my Bank. At least not when I can pay my other expenses nearly 4 times over. Id hate to see the costs of one that could disband/deactivate...

or 2
Make it so your new arms purchases cap so your expenses will not exceed your income by nearly 150% like mine did.
Or perhaps add a confirmation page that details current expense + the new arms and compares it to your current income.

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