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Keynesian Economics (White Giant)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005 - 11:49 pm Click here to edit this post
in the real world, higher-status workers only buy higher-quality, more expensive goods. the converse is true for lower-status workers.

a more realistic consumption model is to have purchasing done to reflect this, where the citizens will consume X quantity of product A between 100-150 quality level, and consume Y quantity between quality level 150-200 etc.

the good side effect of this is since presidents rely on some types of corps more than others, and the market for high-quality goods would be limited, it will lead to wars (pricing or military) between competitors. finally, a mix of economic and military strategy.

the problem is that since consumption is based on the number of units (and the extra price from high-quality goods is passed onto material accounting), the demand for goods (in absolute units, not financial value) by citizens will be decreased once quality is taken into account. W3C would have a balancing job on their hands to keep the market stable. however, at least the materials accounting problem would be solved.

i would've thought that the game model plays a bit like a neo-liberal's dream, with it's fully flexible labour market, emphasis on unlimited international trading and the financial disincentives on creating self-sufficient local economies. plus the reliance of strong economies on an inequitable relationship with the C3/3rd world. we don't even need to bomb before they sell us cheap oil and buy our very expensive gasoline. :)

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