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Price linked honouring of contracts (Fearless Blue)

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The Shiekh (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 - 01:12 am Click here to edit this post
The common market would be of much greater value to the game if presidents/ceos could select rules for when common market contracts are to be honoured and for when when they are to be bypassed.

All products in the game fluctuate in price, and as the price fluctuates so too does the attractiveness of a sale/supply contract. It would be neat if you could set supply/sale contracts so that they only operate between a minimum contract MP and a maximum contract MP, and that these price thresholds could be set independently for local and for common market contracts. Selling at MP-50 to MP+50 would still apply.

For example, high tech services (HTS) normally fluctuates in market price (MP) between about 800 and 2000. It would be great if you could sign local and common market supply contracts and for example, only have the local contracts honoured if MP falls below 1200, have the common market contracts honoured at a HTS MP between 1000 and 1500, and above 1500 no local or common market contracts are honoured, all the HTS would be sold on the open market (or international contracts). Under such a regime local corps/country get HTS when the price is comparatively cheap (even if being supplied by local contracts at some percent above MP), common market corps get HTS when the price is fair, and the international market gets HTS when the price is expensive.

Another thing that would be great with supply contacts is that corps could dishonour supply contracts once they have reached a threshold number of months supply. Currently a corp can be crippled with a buildup of supplies due to either not producing because of a shortage of a key ingredient (or war damage), or due to a reduction in hiring caused by a worker shortage.

It would be even better if supply contracts were dynamic and intelligent. What I mean by this is that they would sell product to corps that were closest to running out of supplies first, and then after they have been supplied it would go about topping up the stockpiles of other corporations (but only to the max of each corps/countries stockpile needs). This would require two passes through the supply contracts for processing.

Corporations also really need a cancel all button for sales contracts, cancelling a dozen supply contracts manually for a corp is a major pain. Cancelling supply contracts for a corp is a breeze in comparison.

A further neat sales feature for corps would be a stockpile to X number of units if price under Y dollars option. When the price is low the corps goods are not even offered on the market until the corp fills its stockpile of X units, and when the price for the goods reaches the Y price threshold the entire stockpile is placed on the market.

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