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Theory of ... (III. edition) (Golden Rainbow)

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Dusan Skok (Golden Rainbow)

Monday, January 10, 2005 - 07:36 pm Click here to edit this post
Zoltán Ruzsa - Jo munkasember ojjektumgyar

When he won award, he was notified about penalty:
"... I know my enterprise will receive a cash setback of 1,835,103.62B $E so that my score and rank will be reduced. ..."

Let look at the graphs:
graph 1. jan.2240-may.2241 160000B
graph 2. jun.2241-avg.2242 219000B
graph 3. sep.2243-dec.2243 306000B
graph 4. jan.2244-mar.2245 210000B
graph 5. apr.2245-jul.2246 238000B
graph 6. avg.2246-sep.2247 698000B
total : cca. 1831000B

It is verified, he gets all the penalty for award.

That means that the penalty is around 130% from total assets for first place!

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