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Advice for a wannabe warlord (Kebir Blue)

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Bad Karma

Friday, February 11, 2005 - 09:23 pm Click here to edit this post
Hmmm I wonder if I should be offended....

Hell WG is were I escaped from the retirement home too and I'm hiding out on HM.

Canadians... well the term *French Canadian* sums it all up. Enough said.

As for the point to the post... The easiest way to drop that inactive would probably be to just have NFP and MRMBs. 20 Index would mean virtually no air defense asides from about 50 Ints and 2K Dheli (hence the fighters). Once the air defense is down 20 index means nothing in terms of MIB/SRMB (hence the MRMB since they wouldnt get touched). You could also throw in some HA for mob up work against targets that arent defended by land units and just AA Batts (will be alot of those).

So your shopping list would be....
1 Off Base
1 AC (Aircraft Carrier)
5 Supply Ships
3 LRRP (Long Range Radar Planes)
3K NFP (Navy Fighters just to be save)
1K MRMB (Mid Range Missile Batteries)
2K HA (Heavy Artillery)


1) Attack the 2nd Airport with your NFP, attack the target to destroy it. That will cut the air defenses in half in one shot.
2) Attack the 1st Airport with your NFP, attack the target to bring it to 99% (cant completely destroy it). That will remove the AA Bats that were killing your NFP and your can now remove those damned Dheli without losing tons of NFPs.
3) Once ALL the Dheli are dead start attacking cities and towns with your Heavy Artillery (all 2K per attack). Those will only be defended by AA Batts and they wont hurt your HA. Check first to make sure but all land units and the 3 SRMB should be defending the capital and corps.
4) Once all the cities and towns are dead attack the corps with your MRMBs. They will suffer no losses exept to the one corp that will have 1 SRMB (attack that one last). Corps take about 125 MRMB to destroy them.
5) If the War Index isnt at 0 yet, might be but might not depending on the number of corps you destroyed you'll have to attack the Capital. No big deal. Attack with full 1K MRMB and after that attack the war is over.
6) Click on take control of the country.
7) You have the weapons in place to attack another country already so declare war on your next 20 Index Inactive neighbor. Repeat several times.
8) You have a small empire that you have built with minimal forces, no real loses, little cost, and without actually learning *war*.
9) Run your mouth on the boards about how your the greatest and how everyone should fear you.
10) Get totally and completely annihalated by a vet you have managed to irk. Losing your entire empire and it being renamed to make fun of you and then simply deregged. (my favorite of the 10 steps)

Estimated loses per inactive with 20 DFI....
0 HA (unless you attack something you shouldnt with them)
15 MRMB (unless you keep attacking the 1 corp with an SRMB first)
2K NFP (Kinda sucks but they get chewed up by the AA Batts in the beginning)

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