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Advice for a wannabe warlord (Kebir Blue)

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Antikythera Bloodbath (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005 - 08:39 am Click here to edit this post
ok i'm pretty new. i've played for a short time a while back and started again recently.

i reged a 5.5 mil pop nation and i started an enterprise on a different world. it seems to me the nation is very limited by its population growth. the corp's potential is infinately higher because its population is not limited. sure i have to stick to C3s and inactives but give me the corp any day.

but i'm inherently a warmonger. thats what I do in other games. and i'm getting a bit of an itchy trigger finger. the first time I played I at least started to capture other nations. I read a realy good article on warfare (possibly by holy reign) and had a bit of a war before i went inactive.

but now for the question.

i spotted a 24 mil, and two 15 mil inactive nations on a world i currently do not have a nation. i didnt check but i assume they are not close together. they all had defensive indexes of 20 and no ofeensive or strategic. i figure i'm only going to be able to find 6-7 mil pop countries to register. because the 15 mil pop ones get reset before they are opened up for registration right ?

so is it possible to register a 6 mil nation close to one of the likely targets and capture them all?

if you were going to try to do it how would you go about it?

what sort of armed forces ?

how much assets would the reged country need to fund it ?

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