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Common Market Question

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Hectors Dream

Sunday, December 21, 2003 - 07:56 pm Click here to edit this post
in a word: yep. And theres more :)

I would be very happy if items you didnt consume could be sold on teh common market, and if the price would go to 150% above market value, and perhaps 75% below it. Then again 50% below market might be good enough...

It would be neat to have weapons contracts actualy be profitable *gasp*, with arms-suppliers selling stock to those desperate or ambitious enough to sign long-term contracts 150% above market. Ditto for schools, universities, maintenance for transportation infrastrucreu (I think my empire lost 200k miles of railrods due to the damn maintenance not arriving in the last gme year...)

Matt, 'soaking up goods in suwplus' with the common market works even better if you use your countries' budgets to create a temprary spike in demand, and nail the prices higher...then sign the contracts at the infated price. IF the market didnt have magical quirks, people coudl use that feature to establish monopolies (or virtual monopolies). Id love to try it in small-volume sectores, especially weapons :)

But since it seems that goods appear magicalyl out of thing air, despite w3cs claims (I might misunderstand things) , I dont see much point.

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