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Common Market Question

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Sunday, December 21, 2003 - 07:48 pm Click here to edit this post
Using the common market is tricky...

While using a common market to increase country corp profits at the utter expense of the CEO or other-country corps is obvious and unsubtle, there is another use for highly-upgraded corps to sell on the common market: That is salting country corps with high value goods in order to drive up output quality. It can be done on a modest basis, without killing the selling corps, while having outsize results on the buying corps.

Another use is supporting new corps. Again, the selling corps, if there are enough of them (and that goes for the first use above too), won't have to sell much of their production to support a group of new corps.

Common market sales are also a nice way of keeping weapons and other vital corps in clover - no point in having weapons contracts if the weapons corps are always in short supply.

Now if only I actually actively played my CEO (CEOs are SOOOOOOO BORING) instead of logging in when I feel masochistic, I could show you a thing or two about using a common market to soak up goods in surplus while maximizing sales of goods in shortage.

Yes, common markets have uses but they are time-consuming, are much better with large numbers of corporations contributing, and can have poor results unless utilized cleverly.

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