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Common Market Question

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Hectors Dream

Sunday, December 21, 2003 - 12:24 pm Click here to edit this post
ILl be sure to write something like " Using the common market for fun and profit!"

If my math is right, it could be used to create a multitrillion monthly profit country (unstable), or a longer-term wuite healthy economy.

Contracts sold to a nation should be given the option to satisy needs, or be added to strategic reserves. Id sell myself all kinds of things if I knew my people would keep their greedy little hands off of it :) , but most of what I might sell myself wil be rapidly devoured...I dont bother.

Lions foot, I think an even better idea along thoe lines would be:

1) Corporation orders supplies on the open market.
2) if the supplies do not arrive by the time the production is computer, the corporation sucks supplies from a) First, any offered common market produce which is unsold, b) second, strategic reserves
3) As soon as any open market orders arrive, the corporation stops sucking common market/strat reserves, and beings using market supplies again.

That might be a bit tricky to do, but would make a lot of people very happy, I think.
(yes, I realize Im just dreaming again :) )

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