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War Aspects: Sneak attacks, Stragety, Military and Preperation (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  War Aspects: Sneak attacks, Stragety, Military and Preperation (Kebir Blue)

Jarek Batorski (Kebir Blue)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004 - 04:43 am Click here to edit this post
Sneak Attack:

The doc dosent' do a good a job of giving details...infact I couldn't find anything on it in the war section only a small tid bit of information when I clicked on sneak attack and chose country. So can someone explain to me in detail what a sneak attack is and how it works.


Also I'm beggining to plan for war, not for another 2-5 game years, but I have my economy almost completly to where I want it to, enough so to support a military finally. What I want to know is how to start up a good attack against a C3, the one I'm planning to attack has 10k interceptors and short range missle battaries, as well as over 5k helicopters. The stragety I'm currently starting entails attacking first with a barage of missiles to take out the interceptors( but I see that the short range batteries would take care of those, so maybe a wave of bombers and fighters to bomb the interceptors and destroy the helicopters first and not even bother with missiles). With the AA gone( I think) I would be free to bomb the short range missile batteries and defensive bases. After the intial air attack send in ground forces, not sure which, presuming heavy tanks and Jeeps or armored vehicles, backed up by artilary(those weren't listed in the weapons section in the doc, infact I didn't see any land based weapons, am I looking in the wrong place?). How does this plan sound, what numbers am I looking at as far as the weapons I chose. I have time and patience so i'm willing to build up a powerful military to have my first experience an easy one, but one that I can learn from. Would a 3 to one advantage be overkill or not enough.

My Preperation:

I'm still building my economy up to handle a huge military. Currently I have a 400billion surplus each year, 100 billion in cash, and 300 billion given out for loans. Most of my indexes are near or over 100 except health (still need more doctors, pumped up the education priority for it so with time). I have a large unemployed workforse of llw(240k) and mlm(132k), but i'm still building corps for profit so those numbers will shrink as my higher educated workforce becomes available.
I have created a CEO to build my weapons and sell them at an extreme loss to my country, but will also build services, air transport, and other profitable businsses to compensate and shift profits around.
Again as I said before it will be some time before I see myself as ready but what comments suggestions and criticisms can you make of my plans and preperations. I know very little about the war aspect of the game, still need to read up on the docs, so I'll probably have a few or many mistakes in my reasoning.
My country is Breed of Ogien on KB, I started recently and tried to read the boards and ask for help on how to build up my economy, now I ask for help in building a strong military.

Thanks for any advice and hope to see some good replies.

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