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Common market (Kebir Blue)

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Imprudent Spender (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, November 06, 2004 - 02:25 am Click here to edit this post
There really isn't a good optimization.

The ideal would be to have flexible contracts -- e.g. buyer & seller agree to a variable quantity each month which is the lesser of the one's production and the other's need. This would make sense on the local market or within an enterprise, but less sense on the world market. Anyway, it would require too much additional processing, I imagine.

What would be *really* nice -- and a simple change I expect -- would be to provide a "cap" on signing contracts. After all, you offer contracts as a % of current production, why not sign them as a % of current need. Thus you could, e.g., sign contracts for quantities up to 87% (or whatever) of your current monthly consumption.

This would help buffer the problem you (like I and others) are running in to -- i.e. the signed at-100%-of-monthly-need contract is for a quantity which turns out to be too much in later months.

By the way, corps aren't buying 100% of the supplied quantity, rather they're buying 100% of their use (or, rather, of their use in the month in which they sign the contract).

Corps who sell on contract will sell up to what they're offering but only sell what they get contracted for. The uncontracted stuff simply joins the rest of their supply on the world market.

Right now the only optimal solution (optimal for use, not for time spent on-line) is to redo all the contracts every game month.

You can get away with letting it slide for a few months, but if you've got fluctuation production, you'll find corps driving themselves into debt because their production has dropped off but they're still buying what used to be their monthly production.

It's a problem.

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