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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

Information Overload (White Giant)

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Anton Marolt (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, October 28, 2004 - 01:50 am Click here to edit this post
heh, everything is arguable :).
some prefer different trading strategis, others dont build hospitals or transportation system...
we could argue about values i put in for days, but bottom line is that he asked what settings would do for a newb president and his country and i can guarantee those settings will take care of fresh country just fine.

i didnt say those are optimal settings. that would depend upon lots of other circumstances- beeing peacefull or warlike country, what type of corps dominate your economy, shortages and surplus on market...

also i didnt mention you can exchange workers with other countries to fill the void untill your education system is up and running. -which is rather important

@Alexander: 30k is for LLWs working in government facilities, SS (social security) is set to 60% of that value. i think i know what you meant, here is my answer.

yes, i do advise lowering govornment salaries to that lvl. on GR i have cut down even to 18k for LLWs. reason is very simple- army and financial index. with 50K for soldiers and 2.6 time more for officers, military expenses are high. you must also add salaries for teachers and medical staff. though i wouldnt have any problem paying the army and others, i would have one, trying to keep my financial index high. higher it is, more i am allowed to spend. for now financial index is computed wrong (by my opinion). it seems to depend heavily on moneyEarned/moneySpent. but it should depend more on (moneyEarned - moneySpent), with other words- profit. you can guess which country would currently have higher FI. the one with (earned/spent) 3.000B,2.200B or one with 1.200B,500B? not to mention that FI stronger than 150 is required if you want to expand education, health and transportation index above 150 and that infrastructure auto destroys itself if index drops below that value. few big orders come through in one month and it can already be enough.

there are some drawbacks like lower income from population taxes or that newly built corps have lower starting salaries, thus not producing at hiring level. salaries can be changed later, eliminating this effect. i hope W3C will make it possible to set value for salaries and each month game would automatically update them untill they match desired.

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