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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

Information Overload (White Giant)

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Anton Marolt (Kebir Blue)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004 - 09:08 am Click here to edit this post
first you should do is set up automatic settings. my action->game settings->change automatic system
check the following boxes (leave or change others to unchecked):

Country Automation Rules:
-Defend your country with the available weapons if it is attacked
-Automatic placing orders for products that your country needs
-Automatic setting of the budget
Production& hiring:
-Set Production Level to: 100%
-Automatically order Quality Upgrades
Selling Production
-Time Based Sell Strategy: When the products are put on the market, use the market price plus: 5
For each month that the products are not sold, decrease the price by: 10
- follow changes in produced quality
Buying Supplies
-Automatically put Production on the Market
-Automatically Buy Supplies
- Time Based Buy Strategy: When ordering products, start the bid at the market price minus: -2
For each month that the products are not delivered, increase the offered price by: 15

Below is a list of settings for your corps. Check Product purchasing, product sales and quality upgrades, uncheck the others.

Go to corporation page. Close down all (three per month max) weapon corps (if you have any)
or any other that makes loss greater than -0.3B a month. You can see their profits under: profit, cash and debt. Change taxes to 60%, profit transfer 0%.
Each month you log in, increase worker salaries by 3% atleast untill production equals hiring.
Every few months check how much money corps have and transfer in some if they are running low (if your country has some). To do that, click on desired corp and transfer funds link.

Go back to your main page.
Click on view important things to do:
Finance statment:
-change government salaries: lower salaries 3% each month untill they are around 30k for LLWs
Social Security
-increase each month by 2% untill 60%

Go back to your main page again.
Look at your country indexes. Your goal for now is to get education index at least 100, health 80, social 60, transportation 90.
Facilities need traind workers to operate. If you lack certain profession, you cant build facility of kind that uses them. How many skilled workorce you train each month depends upon your country size, education system and priority set under: View important things to do->Set education priorities. For start set: Teacher 14, University teacher 10, Nurse 12, Doctor 8, Senior doctor 14, set others to 9. Later you can change them, to suit your needs.

Click on education index. Build education facilities (schools, high schools and universities), as much as you have teachers avaliable. Build that kind of educational facility you have least of (not by numbers but by index showed in last coloumn of first table in education page). Your overall index is aproximately same as lowest of all.

From main page click on health index. Build as many hospitals as you can (have labor for).

From main page click on transportation index. Build roads, railroads and water tretment facilites till they have index 90 at least. But be carefull. Infrastructure costs A LOT of money. If you dont have it, buy only small part each month. This will enable your corps to get supplies and sell them without time delays.

Do not buy weapons or ammo of any kind untill you have healthy economy. You are under 100 month protection and imune to outside threat. Later there will be enough time to build up your forces.

Nomatter what some might tell you, do not join common market cos it will only kill your profit in a long run. Automatic upgrading is fast and common market is usefull only for unupgraded corps, otherwise it is damaging to your economy.

When you start to make profits, repay the loans you have (country and corp) and start loaning out excess funds to increase your income. Build up your education index to 150. Start upgrading effectivity of your corps to get more workers for new ones or army.

It is quite a lot of things to do :). I tried to write them all, but probably forget some. Ask if you dont understand something. No doubt someone will respond. Good luck.

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