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Protection statues..... (Kebir Blue)

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Dav Lon (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - 06:28 am Click here to edit this post
"cadpat rules army takes full control in Ollie Polloe
Thu Mar 4, 2284 cadpat rules ground or air force attacks Camel toe military base
After the attack, the president of Ollie Polloe is reported to have left the country and a new government approved by cadpat rules has been nominated. The Ollie Polloe forces lost 7 armored vehicles, 135 helicopters, 7 jeeps, 7 artillery and 2 tanks.The Ollie Polloe forces used 515 missile interceptors in the defense. Ollie Polloe lost 7602 soldiers and 257 were wounded. The cadpat rules forces lost 399 attack helicopters, 303 bombers, 543 fighter planes, 44 heavy armored vehicles, 8 heavy jeeps, 33 heavy tanks, 2 rapid deployment units, 6 special forces and 2 chemical missile batteries. The attack may have been reduced or eliminated by Anti Missile Missiles. The Ollie Polloe defense was assisted by the Energy air force. The allies lost 869 soldiers and 137 soldiers were wounded. "

I am missing something here. My newspaper mentions this not at all. I copied it from my sisters after she asked me if i lost my country. I can log into my country and I can see that I never ran low on ammo, I was hardly damaged, I have many defensive forces still, and on top of that we had signed a peace treaty. My newspaper has a series of mostly failed attacks on me with high causualties on him as well as my attacks on him with hig causualties on his side. Also, Cadput rules has no control over other countries and 1 trillion war damage, that came from me. I am very confused as to how I could have lost control of my country and rather disenchanted with this game if I somehow did(I was under the impression that it was considerable reversed situation and I just didnt want to continue a war).

As a side note, cadput rules newspaper also doesnt mention this, the battle is there, but not the part where he takes full control somehow...

So my question

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