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Protection statues..... (Kebir Blue)

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Ash Shakh Durbatuluk (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - 12:18 am Click here to edit this post
a couple of questions and issues here, ill try to answer them in order.

1) yes, I think that the limits make players more peaceful. The fact that you asked boggles my mind.

Conflicts between large empires (hell, even "mid sized" countries, ones that are well built and more than a game year or 3 old) with armies which are not retarded have been impossible ever since my poor monkies on GR were defeated by rules changes in the military and the sudden appearance of the option for countries they(we) were fighting to become peaceful mid-war (hymy, if youre reading this....FNAR!)

The only people who can actually fight eah other are those lacking a real army and the war-ignorant (those who dont know how armies work)

Apart from some of the ancient vets on GR and a few sharp newcomers, that seems to pretty much sum up most people - no offense intended. The players who were interested in war, and learned how it worked, have almost completely left over the last....year and a half or so, since the limits appeared.

I have long opposed the limits and think war is absolutely necessary in SC for many reasons. I wont talk about it now, lest I degenerate into ranting which you probably dont want to hear anyway :)

2. IF I wrote a new bible, which I probably wouldnt/wont bother to do unless the limits vanish at least on FB, I would make it comprehensive. QUITE comprehensive, I assure you :)

My last one was pretty comprehensive (*looks around to see if anyone here remembers it?* theyll know what im talking about *grin*), and there would be more reason to make the successor better.

3. I can answer a few of your questions and expand on what Nimz said.
a)Yep. I conquered my first new slave on FB 3 real days after regging - in the time it took for the bases and weapons to arrive, then the time it took for the war to become active. Dont even try it unless you already know what you are doing, or unless you are willing to screw up in the process of learning. If you choose the latter, be prepared to take meticulous records whilst figuring out the mechanics (im doing a lot of this as I try to examine the things that have changed since my last appearance)
b) Nimz might have mentioend that the defensive ari force shared within a federation has a range within whcih it is effective, and outside of which it is nonexistent. The ranges are calculated from each individual country (actually...each individual airport), and they are slightly different-or were:P-for interceptors and defensive helicopters. Last I knew, 30% of the air force, shared or unshared, in range of an attack responded to any incursion. Assuming what nimz says is correct, than it means that in my absence teh defenses has been insanely strengthened against any attack AGAIN, making attacking anyone even more impossible (of course...infinity +1 is still plain old infinity :P)
c)Multiple bases can be useful inspecific situations, but they are generally esoteric, and rather than detail them id advise you to buy only 1 of each item.
d)Forts provide a de facto bonus to your defense, and according to my most recent information, possesing a large (1000s) number of forts can make many countries, especially low population countries, virtually unconquerable.

If you have many forts, defending them all (at the same time) is generally a waste of resources which might be better used.

4.No one that has that kind of knowledge however readily makes its known.

I despise this attitude.

Making the players in the game better at playing the game makes things better for everyone, period.

Near-and-Short sighted allegedly selfish attitudes are sophomoric at best.

Countries that could attack each other with AH/Fighters can share Dhelis/Ints.
The ranges for each are slightly different. This is usually only important for borderline countries. The best way to examine the ranges is to use the weapon inspection function, then to sneak attack targets which should be available to attack according to the weapon inspection (the data returned by inspection was not always right, last I knew it...)

Countries that could attack each other with AH/Fighters can share Dhelis/Ints.
This is obviously not correct, for seals if for nothing else (although seals cant actually do anything to countries of course :) ), and im not sure that its true for the other weapons either. There might be a few safe spots around: The continents were NOT designed with naval weapon ranges in mind; navies, and varying kilometer-based ranges, came long after the design of every world, GR included.


That is until someone decides it is time to open pandora's box and let all the good tid bits loose on the world.

First, again, meaningful wars are more or less impossible through legal means (go ahead and try to prove me wrong!!!!!!!).
Second, The only way I can think of to enjoy conflict in any game is to have everyone as good at it as possible. More challenge, more fun, more thinking, more strategy, more interesting and volatile situations. beating up on a bunch of clueless newbs or players misled by the Docs is not my idea of fun, and I cant see how anyone over the age of 12 could enjoy it...

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