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Monday, October 25, 2004 - 11:29 pm Click here to edit this post
War manuals still exist if you have been around long enough. There are those that are thought to have retired/left but are still here under different names. Most people who are proficient at war have had/seen them, and have/had enough experience fighting wars to keep them current. No one that has that kind of knowledge however readily makes its known. Usually you will get a real general how to at best. You dont want your strategies/knowledge turned against you, especially in these days of massive suicidals who's only goal is to damage countries.

On to you questions, I will simply add the little bit Nimz left out...

1) If you know what you're doing, having a strong economy is not a prerequisite to having a potent military. Sorry Nimz, had to lift that from your post as it is true. I just finished a situation like Nimz with having a country for only days and haveing slaves within a week. So long as FI is above 60 your cool.

2) Nimz is right again.. He is knowledgeable and friendly. What a rare combo Nimz. The shared defense however only consists of those within the range of the Dhelis/Ints. Countries that could attack each other with AH/Fighters can share Dhelis/Ints.

3) Nimz is right yet again.. Sometimes you do need more than 1 of each base, that is usually for slaves however. 1 of each base + 200 forts will give you a WI of 100. So that is a good target to aim for. Forts are good at buying you more time to destroy the other guy.

4) As usual Nimz is correct. Landlocked countries do get navies. However no matter how far inland you are, there is water close enough to all countries to be hit by all Naval weapons available. That is the reason for some of the odd shapes of the continents.

5) Game docs shouldnt even be looked at for military. The only thing correct about them is how much ammo they fire per round as all the weapons have been upgraded/downgraded since the docs were created. Instead of all the little upgrades to the game I have asked twice now that they update all the docs for the game. That would answer most of the questions new players have.

Now you know the basics and general ideas behind war. Its up to you to use it, gain experience, and figure out the more intricate things on your own. That is until someone decides it is time to open pandora's box and let all the good tid bits loose on the world.

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