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What is Simcountry?

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Monday, October 25, 2004 - 06:02 pm Click here to edit this post
1) If you know exactly what you're doing, having a strong economy is not a prerequisite to having a potent military. Within a rl week of registerring a new country in FB, I had conquered a c3 for a slave. For a while, I used the slave as the economic center while the main stayed in relative poverty. Alot of the groundwork for that feat was laid out several rl months beforehand.

2) Only defense actually gets shared. I don't know whether the offensive sharing and strategic sharing options were put there as some kind of sadistic joke, or if it's simply something w3c was hoping to expand to that never actually happened. Defensive sharing is only defensive air power--Defensive Helicopters and Interceptors.

If a fedmate's country is attacked, if your fed has the defense sharing set to 100%, 100% of the DH and Ints in the fed in range of the attacked country will respond (I don't know exactly how far they go, but it's more than just a few countries distance). If the entire fed has the air defense in one country, attacking that country will yield a smaller response than attacking that country's fedmates. (Response for within the attacked country is 45% if there are radar planes or 100% if attacking the defensive airport. I think the docs still say the response is 33% when RP are present.)

3) My personal opinion is that multiple bases are bad. You can build an army of any size with a single offensive airport and base and a single strategic airport and base. Multiple forts are okay. Whether you have a large number of forts or not, there will always be a way for a determined attacker to find out how to kill you. You want to make that as difficult as possible, which, depending on your style could include a strategy of having a large number of forts.

4) Landlocked countries can still have navies. If you want to fight on a global scale, get a navy. Relatively speaking, the farther from water, the safer from naval attacks. The weapon choices would be slightly limited to the ones that have a large enough range.

The docs still suck. They have sucked since I started playing just over 2 rl years ago, and they probably sucked before then, too. I don't trust anything the docs say until I have seen how it works, or until someone I know has seen how it works and verifies the docs are correct or incorrect. The game news is fairly accurate most of the time. That's the only exception.

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