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Protection statues..... (Kebir Blue)

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Dav Lon (Kebir Blue)

Monday, October 25, 2004 - 03:42 pm Click here to edit this post
@Ash:A 'war bible' would be nice. I can attest to being absolutly clueless as to how to go about working with a military in this game. This was heightened by the newspaper telling of wars won without causualties- this speaks to me of a highly effective type of offense(I assume it is different in GR as I would think the players there would know how to fight).

Some things to mention if you do it would be:
1)How strong of an economy one should have before even thinking of a military. (I realize I jumped the gun a bit with my country)

2)What are the limintations, if any, to a federation's military sharing?(Assumeing all are set to 100)
2a)Are airforces limited in range for defense/offense(ie. 3 countries distence)?
2b)Do countries need to be adjacent in order to share ground forces in a defense? an attack?

3)There seem to be differing opinions as to the usefulness of multiple bases/aairports/forts.
3a)Do forts actually help in defense(ie. a defense bonous?) or are they just more deployment points for your troops?
3b)Do multiple bases increase the effectivity of your forces or are they required for you military to grow(ie. 100000men per base) or just deployment points again?

4)This one may seem silly, but is there such a thing as a landlocked country? My sister's country, Energy, is in the middle of the subcontinate yet she asked me if she would ever need a fleet command...

5)the other things in this post that everyone has been so helpful in answearing =)

There isnt much help in the documentation for these things(not that I would trust in being accurate. Case in point:

"The cost of building and maintaining a large army with a defense index of 100 to 200 runs in the billions per month and the decision to build a large army must be taken carefully with an eye on the economy of the country."

My current defense index of 50 is costing me +400B. More than I expected. I am taking the rest of the documentation with a grain of salt and relying on good ol' trial and error to do it. Worked with the economic side of it as I got to the top 100 economy in the first few weeks of my playing. Only problem is with war I could lose my country or mess it up royally. Which would be annoying to rebuild. (although I believe it resets in a few months, huh =P). Knowing what I know now I am advising my sis to hold of much later on her military in favor of build her economy to phenomenonal prportions(since she signed a war treaty she just violated her protection status and now I do need to know how much my air force will aid her incase of actual war..also how far away she can be attacked etc etc).

In summation, a war bible would be nice, not one that told what to build or how to fight (that should decidedly be left to the individual to mutz around with) but rather that continued where the documentation left off. A guide from the vets to the newbies that tells a general guidline to play.
With that information perhaps there would be a higher player retention or at the least save some time for people like me ;). Either way, I am hooked to this game and interested to see how far I can get before my country resets..and than see if I can get #1 after that using what I know now.

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