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Weapon range

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Friday, October 17, 2003 - 04:02 pm Click here to edit this post
Does it make a difference? I was chewing on documentation and bulletin board (also TNN) but found none information.
I know that defensive weapons should fire first round. What if offensive has longer reach, do they fire first or is weapon range only a number in documentation that means nothing...
If weapon has range sufficient to cover whole country (like artillery), than i can deploy it wherever i want and it will fire at any offensive?
What is range of 1000 miles? I dont even know how large my country is. If weapon has that range will it fire on enemy close enough, but attacking different target?
Is anyone familiar with background computing of battles? Priority is on most destructive unit. If someone attacks with mixed units (1 heli,1.000 drones,1 interceptor) and defender has 10.000 DAAB, will they all be destroyed in first attack round or each type in seperate round according to prirority? Does the number of attacking units counts in setting priorities or just type of weapon?
SRMBs can be used against land units in desperate situation (overkill). How?
I was reading newspaper of some countries in war. Attack was made by drones, defense answered with DMIB. Drones were all destroyed. Defender had interceptors, DAAB, but they never engaged (nothing in news). Who destroyed the drones?

I'm not looking to wage war on anyone except maybe C3s. But if I want to make strong defenses, those are crucial questions that I need answers for.

Yes, I know, another newbie ;)
recently joined and my eyes are already full of questions... hehe
please, help me clear them up a bit

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