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Corporation tax

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Monday, September 15, 2003 - 06:57 am Click here to edit this post
Hi Missouri

Found your below comment interesting and agree...

"From all the indications I have the material penalty is by-passed by making sure all material your corporations buy is purchased by contracts. Corporation market value is not a consideration if you insure you have that covered. "

I feel you could be right here, I have two countries which are both nearly 100% supplied from my other countries for both company and country demands (Treboria and Ekaterini) and never seem to have any issues with profitability and the other bonus is very very rarely have shortages.

I know a lot people don't like the common market but I have found it very good in ensuring everything keeps ticking over smoothly and all my countries seem to be very profitable and not negatively impacted by my heavy use of the common market. I also find it also very easy to get most new corps up and upgraded fast using the revenue bonuses of the common market.

Tax wise I use a simple 50/0 tax and seems to get rid of company debt fast and still plenty funds distributed to the country's funds. Only companies that I find that go public with this tax rate is Production and Building Materials corps. The rest never seem to get a high enough MV so far.

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