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Loans (White Giant)

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Nathaniel Pangilinan (Kebir Blue)

Sunday, September 26, 2004 - 11:14 am Click here to edit this post
When you pay back your debt, always leave money for any expenses that may occur. Have a look at your monthly expenses and leave enough money for it and maybe 2B$-3B$ more than what you need.

I will use one of my construction companies as an example of what I would do to pay back debt.
This corp currently has 20B$ + 10B$ + 10B$ = 40B$ in loans.
It has about 8B$ in cash. Last year it made a profit of 10$B. It's profit every month is steadily increasing for the past year. It's monthly profit is 3B$ (increasing) and loss is 2.3B$ (stable)
It has full hiring and 96% production.
All the supplies are stable bought from the local market.
My country currently has 1000$B profit and has an estimated 3000$B profit for next year. It has 2000$B in cash.
To me, this corp would make a great candidate to pay back all loans in 4 months starting with the 20B$ loan then after 2 more months, the 10B$ and the month after, the final 10B$. My country also has the finances to help pay back the loans each month and leave enough for operating costs.

After I pay back all my loans for a corp, the profits usually increase much quicker.

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