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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

Getting Started (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Getting Started (Golden Rainbow)

Paul Suter (Golden Rainbow)

Saturday, September 25, 2004 - 02:29 pm Click here to edit this post
Use the trade board to set up trade deals - you can send a message to my country ollobrains and i will discuss it more with you im selling goods through my corps - buying corp supplies and buying for my country. A bit of advice also set aside 10-20% of youre corps productions (esp services, electric power internet and high tech services and set up trade deals with yorue other corps) it cuts down on materials cost

THe other way is put cash into new corps - then float them - keep adding more shares set the corp tax to 25-35% and state profits down to 5-15% then it doesnt cut into the profit margins of youre corps and they can keep growing - the aim of this is to tax all corps but less for state corps allowing them to grow until you can float them - once they are bigger and even free of youre control they generate bigger cash flow and that comes via corps tax not state corps tax.

Use the share market feature.

Setting up new corps try to make it match youre unemployed workforce ie if you have lots of low level workers go with basic ag, food and mining corps if higher level go with high tech.

Reduce social security payments to 30% of average wage - get employment ratio up to 90%+ - via corps keep doing efficency upgrades and quality upgrades - this raises quality which you can then raise corp prices for goods in shortage and sell em for massive amounts on international markets. By employing less workers and not having tax draining their profit margisn as much companies can have cash for less profitable times.

Lowering unemployment lowers social security costs. Make sure you are profitable by about 50% above spending and have a slightly larger country and plenty of cash surplus before waging war - help us lobby w3 to boost game months per day to 4.

Keep health index above 60 - (to start with helps contain costs and you can raise later on) keep education around 100. Transport above 90 Military spending to just bare basic defense if surrounded by AI controlled countires.

That is a basic run down and make sure youre economy has a big surplus of services, construction materials and electric power ( i think by being able to have a surplus of goods you can sell to corps if supplies get short and also it seems to raise tax revenus - something about construction materials kicking the economy along ?) it also seems to reduce the war damage index if you invade another country.

Hopefully with a few of the changes i and others have suggested to streamline the user featuers and reduce micro management should allow more time to focus on trade deals and that. The need to be able to purchase automatically 2 Q and E upgrades for a period for all corps up to 12 game months and be able to use in game country cash surpluses to pay loans of state owned corps off without needed to make a csah donations it would be like a fully owned state corp getting the government to pay out its bad debts - similar set up in japan. But reduce the steps from 2 (dontate to corp individually then pay off) instead a full check list and tick boxes of all corps and then a box to enter the amount to pay off. 2 steps for individaul corps (up to 40 at ocne very tedious time wise) to 1 step on all corps at once (time saved per day about 1 hour for me lol)

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