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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

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University of Montana at Missoula

Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 01:14 pm Click here to edit this post

We recently started a CEO here in Kebir Blue as a test, we play over in Golden Rainbow. We took a look at your Country ….. and you have a very “SERIOUS” employment problem, just to start with. We looked for the Sport Corp your BB note referred to and did not see it. Guess the product sold, … that good, but, ….. Jack, …. We gotta talk ……..

For starters, you are way over built on Corps. You’re killing your Country. Stop building, you don’t have the folks to work in them. You need to make a few changes and we like to offer a few suggestions. Take them, examine them, and try them. No charge.

Close the following Corps. It will take at least 2 to 3 game months for your employment to adjust. The math just does not add up on these, basically, you are paying the purchaser to buy your product.
Close Tambula Butter. It is costing you 12B $E, you are making 1B $E. That’s a deficit of 11B $E, eh !!!.
Close Essig Copper. It is costing you 19B $E, you are making 2B $E. That’s a deficit of 17B $E, eh !!.
Close Ankilia Electronic Components. It is costing you 15B $E, you are making 4B $E. That’s a deficit of 11B $E, eh !!!

You need to build instead, more High Schools and Universities. That is where your workers come from, Jack. No wonder you have an employment shortage. Over build on HS and Univ. If it says you need 100, build 200. Get the point?

You need to build Rails and more Water Plants. Rails are very important for your healthy infrastructure. Rails are more important than roads. You need more Water Plants for a healthy “morale”. Your “welfare index” stats are in the dumps. Your workers are very unhappy in your Country. That’s another reason they “leave” to find a job elsewhere. If the Rails say 100, build 200. Get the point?

You need more Hospitals. That’s where the new population comes from, Jack. Babies and more babies, send them to school, University, and get an Engineer. If it says to build 100, build 200. Get the point?.

Do not build a Corp if you do not have the available employment manpower to do so. When you do, as you have done, you see a 10% employment rate in your Corps. No wonder they loose money.
You can start building new Corps when your employment level reaches 100% in each of your Corps.. No sooner than that.

It will take time to adjust. Once you close those Corps, in time, the workers will go to work in the other Corps. Give them more Education; better train rides to work, good health care and clean water, …. And watch how fast your Country improves. You game score will skyrocket.

Good Luck Jack.

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