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Monday, January 19, 2004 - 11:08 pm Click here to edit this post
The author of that newbie guide seems well meaning, but quite frankly, much of what is presented is not very helpful. It looks like a newbie guide written by a newbie. This isn't a bad idea, but some of the ideas tend to cause more problems than they fix.

The key to selling is DEMAND. If demand is RED, then your selling price can be above your "quality". If demand is GREEN, the selling price is should be below your quality. Numbers I have seen tossed around (and used successfully) range from 15 below your quality price for a long GREEN bar to 13 above for a long RED bar. Of course, nothing is so simple. Some industries have their own special ranges, but you should be able to figure them out as you go.

Quality price is the quality of product you produce, and is influenced by your current quality level and the quality of the supplies you are using. Supplies can raise the level by up to 30, so a brand-new corp with high-quality supplies would have a quality rating of 130. The base "quality price" is 100 below this, or 30. Then you factor in demand, so the selling price would be anywhere from 15 to 43. For a new player, setting a corp with high demand (RED) at 39 almost always sells quickly.

This is important because holding on to that production means you aren't paying those taxes that your country so desparately needs. Also, recent game changes cause the market price to fluctuate rapidly now, so selling quickly is generally in your best interest.

FWIW, anyone telling you to sell at or below market has his/her own agenda, which generally means buying your goods cheaply. This is also why selling via contract is usually not in your best interest. Selling for 5% above market when you can get 15 to 43 above market doesn't make for a very profitable corporation. But... selling to your own corps can be a good idea if it helps smooth out the buying jags that some corps have. Again, you can learn which ones you want to do this with and handle it according to your priorities.

Good Luck!

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