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Nukes (Kebir Blue)

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hymy .. (Kebir Blue)

Friday, September 17, 2004 - 04:59 pm Click here to edit this post
In the face of sufficient MIB, which may be as low as 100 per target. Nukes of any kind are useless, until all the MIB have been destroyed.

If your in a war with say Matt ., your not going to be able to use them effectively. However there are plenty of people who don't yet know how to defend against them, and they can be useful.

This is actually true of any weapon, as all can be defended against. It is however very hard to defend against all weapons, while maintaining a strike force.

Part of the solution to this dilemma is that you should own a stockpile of every kind of ammo there is. Because if the need to use a particular weapon arrises, and you don't have it, at least you will have the ammo, and are halfway there.

The other half of that equation is now also available. With the reserves you can buy many kinds of weapons and deactivate them. If a war breaks out, you can reactivate the ones you need to attack the enemy.

To use nukes, you need nuclear missiles (either sub or terrestial) and either nuke subs or nuke battaries. Then you declare war, and wait. When the war goes active you click on a target, set the number of nukes to be launched, and then press one of the three attack buttons to attack either the target, the defenses or the missiles.

Attacks are basically of three kinds. The first you would employ would be aimed at destroying the airforce and obtaining air supremacy (attack defenses). The optional step of whittling down the missile defenses, to ease further losses (attack missiles). If you don't do this judiciously, you will end up losing more though. Sometimes it is just better to go straight to the 3rd step. In the third step you attack targets, and destroy them. If you do it in the correct fasshion you will conquer the country. The strategy here also varies with the situation at hand.

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