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Wednesday, June 02, 2004 - 11:56 am Click here to edit this post
Wow, everybody wants to help me, thanks guys! I read all your messages and tried to do everything you said. This is what I did:
- The salaries are 30% lower than before (more than 30% was not possible in one month)
- I changed the buy and sale strategies.
- I built one or two quality upgrades for each corp in my country. (but I did this for the last couple of days anyway)

When I did this, I saw the profits rising instantly! But I have some more questions.
1. To which level must I lower the salaries?
2. Are my corp settings right now, please check it for me. And tell me what you think.
3. RUSH said something about the taxes, he said that 70% was good. Is that the precentage for the CEO's in my country. That's now 40%. The taxes for state corps are 80%, but that can't be changed, is it?

btw. Nimz, the highest production in my country is at the moment 244%. But I had a corp in my country with a value of 550.00B (with the wrong settings!) with a production of around 280-300%. It went bankrupt a few days ago...

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