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Saturday, March 06, 2004 - 10:13 am Click here to edit this post
I'm not sure you can increase the numbers quickly. Building elementary schools should get you medium from low level workers, and high schools should get you from medium to high level workers. Take a look at the age high level workers start working, and compare that with what the hints on elementary schools and high schools tell about the age corresponding to educational levels.

I haven't studied the mix of employees in various corporations, but a glance at what setup requirements they have shows different mixes of low, medium, and high level workers.

The education priorities appear to apply mostly to university or high-school level students in preparation for specific professions, such as managers, engineers, doctors and nurses, and teachers. If you cut those too far, you may create shortages later on.

My country, for instance, had a serious shortage of teachers: High schools had been closing for a year due to teacher shortages when I took over, and it took about three months to stop the bleeding and start building elementary schools, which were in much shorter supply than the high schools.
University professors are in short supply, too, and it's going to take several game years to get them up to a decent level.
Then, every corporation in the country was screaming for high-tech engineers, and the shortage (unemployment was 0 for a couple of months!) is just now starting to ease. I also need them to build the hospitals so I can give jobs to all the unemployed nurses, and I guess the army is going to have to absorb my surplus of mid-level managers.

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