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Countries near Reset...Suggestions Please

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Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 12:09 am Click here to edit this post
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I just got reset yesterday. I experimented with transferring all the defenses of my slave to my main country before that. My deregged slave had only a defensive base and airport and a few forts before. After, this is what is has:

3000 AAMB, 30,000 AAM
10 forts
2 def. airports
2 def. bases
3000 MIB; 30,000 AMM
3000 SRMB; 30,000 SRM
400 Armor Veh; 30,000 Anti Tank missiles
400 helis; 30,000 heli-land missiles
400 ints; 30,000 ATAM
400 jeeps
400 lt art; 300,000 lt art shells
500 lt tank; 300,000 lt tank ammo
2 radar planes.

The def. force index went from 0.6 to 21.0
My main country, which had much more defense, now has the exact same recipe of defensive weaponry. This appears to be the default that defense gets set to.
That should clarify #2.

In #1 I stated that I didn't remember whether corporation taxes get sent back to default. They don't. They stay right where you left them.

#3: There doesn't seem to be a default number of schools, but an approximate number of schools after reset is:
800-1000 elementary schools, 500-700 high schools, and 6-10 universities.

#5 is almost correct. 8,000,000 is the baseline, but the first recorded population after reset will be somewhat higher or lower, apparently depending on birth and death numbers immediately before reset.


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