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Disabled people, Housewives and Retired People...

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Manuel Ojeda

Friday, June 25, 2004 - 09:46 pm Click here to edit this post
Ok, thanks both of you.

First of all, the reason I wanted to know about cutting down on the housewives was because of economical reasons, getting them back to work and earning me more money that is.

Iím looking forward much forward to the hospital feature being released, thatís for sure. It kind of suck, that I canít prevent this number from rising proportional with my population size.

He he, would be really stupid closing all the hospitals, but on the other hand Iím almost considering it. Iíll bet that right now the old tarts are doing everything in their power to stay alive and leech all my money. Arch, why wont you just all die, just sit home in front of the telly, watching jeopardy, drinking and smoking way to much and probably, if Iím very lucky, youíll all burn by your own smoke while sleeping with the TV still on, and leave all my preciously money be? *sob*

Huh? Keith, is it possible to chance or do anything about the family and/or child ďproductionĒ as you speak of?

But really cool information about the housewives, that they share an equally workload with the normal worker is kind of cool, but also realistic in the first couple of years, if they donít hire a nanny that is... ;-)

The best regards
Manuel Ojeda

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