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Alternative to the Status Quota

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Grayson301 (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 03:23 am Click here to edit this post
In Response to the "Alternative to the Status Quota".

As a former Member and 3 time Democraticly Elected "Chairman" of the N.L.U.O.

I have Intimate Knowledge of the Way things Really Run with the N.L.U.O.

I tryed to reason with the "Other"Memebers of the NLUO and got NO WHERE...

When I suggested that the NLUO Take the Road to peace and prosperity, I was Ignored.

When the "Other Members" DECLARED WAR ON S.N.A.
I tryed to make Peace, I suggested that the NLUO members Keep quite and to lay low.. I was Ignored.

When I proposed the NLUO take the Course to become a FEDERATION FIRST before it TRYED for a world Government there was an UNDEMOCRATIC Election which Removed me From the Chairmanship of the N.L.U.O..

An UNDEMOCRATIC Election in which All Members of the NLUO didn't get to particapate in.

A coupe was made.

General G claims He want's to offer Democratic Process.

General G wants to deny that He is King Hezzy, ASK ShcyzMattiCa.

General G wants to Deny He's a multi Account in violation of the rules of the Game.

General G wasn't to TEACH you how to play,
when He played as Hezzy He taught me to create another account to CON the security Counsel out of Developmental AID.

The purpose of the Multi Accounts was 3 fold..

1st). to con the aid
2nd). as another way to get around Boycotts and to buy what your CEO didn't produce.
3rd). to set up and send Diaster relief forces and thus FREE (for lack of a better word) Exchange of people.

so in conclusion,

Join NLUO if you want to learn the WRONG way to play.

Join NLUO if you don't want to grow and prosper.

Join NLUO if you really dislike the Establishment and the Right way to Learn.

Now it's time to hear From General G, A.K.A King Hezzy, and listen to him deny the ways in which He TRYED to TEACH me.

Once Again ,

I thank Stuart Taylor for Causing me to see the Truth .

I thank Ok_StateGuy and for the Hand of Friendship.

I thank Kevin Henry for the Emails advising me to leave the TNA Bloodlines before I was destroyed for Hezzys ways.
and to join a Friendly Federation,
Before I made the FATAL mistakes of Entering the SimCountry world with Any Multiple ACCOUNTS.

and Finally,

The NLUO claims to be friendly with Tatooed Priest.
Tattoed Priest was a founder of SNA Federation and when the NLUO declared War on the SNA ,
Was the NLUO not declaring WAR on the EVERY person It Claimed to have the Support of?.

Now it's your turn General G.

Ex-NLUO MEMBER and EX-Chairman of the NLUO,
Now Proud and Fully Devoted Member of S.N.A.

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