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What is Simcountry?

Alternative to the Status Quota

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General G (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 02:30 am Click here to edit this post
As I said, The establishment will slander this threat, and accuse me of being a multi, and then next they will, boycott my country as they have done others, and then they will set up a Security Council resolution, and then attack me as soon as I get a Slave State. That is your status Quota.
The establishment's way of handling alternatives to their influence. If you want to deal with these vastly rich countries here are the most powerful feds on Little Upsilon

The Establishment:
CIS Epsilon Chairman: KREEK EMPIRE STATE 2
Tempus Fugit CIS 2 Chairman Vizima
Tempus Fugit CIS Academy Chairman Jefferson Empire HQ
Tempus Fugit CIS Alpha Chairman Bear
Tempus Fugit CIS Beta Chairman Cuban Freedom
Tempus Fugit CIS Command Chairman Caldera
Tempus Fugit CIS Gamma Chairman Gallifrey
Tempus Fugit Diem Chairman Mike Tomlin
Tempus Fugit Nox Chairman USS Florida
Tempus Fugit South Chairman Hello Kitty Colony 3
Tempus Fugit Volare Chairman Chaos II
Tempus Fugit Volare II Chairman Chaos X
Tempus Fugit in D Minor FSoL Chairman Mindao
Valde Subsidium Chairman Lance of Longinus
Seven Nation Army PM West Chairman Great Burckhalter Loyal
Seven Nation Army LM West Chairman Evil Woody Thoughts 0 CEO tax
Seven Nation Army II Chairman The Republic of Petraeus

The Federations we recommend you join:
Defunct SNA Branch Chairman Red Haze
Defunct SNA Branch II Chairman ANYWERE
Defunct SNA Branch III Chairman The State of New South Wales
Seven Nation Army AB Chairman Zardanian Capital
Seven Nation Army AB West Chairman c Priest Empire
Seven Nation Army AM South Chairman Morgan
Seven Nation Army CD East ChairmanHellas
Seven Nation Army CD South Chairman Karuah
Seven Nation Army CD West Chairman Knossos
Seven Nation Army HM East Chairman The Fire in Her Eyes
Seven Nation Army HM North Chairman Dancing with the Devil
Seven Nation Army I Chairman Minauros
Seven Nation Army L East Chairman Republic of AL
Seven Nation Army L South Chairman Wizzconzin
Seven Nation Army PM East Chairman Grecoroman
Seven Nation Army PM North Chairman Morpheus Confederation L
Seven Nation Army Secured Chairman Ulster
Seven Nation Army VB east Chairman Chrispy central
Seven Nation Army XI Chairman Raji
Seven Nation Army north LM Chairman Tland
Sons Of Light Chairman The Philadelphian Liberation Station
Sons of LIght Centura Donna Chairman Quazar
Sons of Light Bloodline Chairman United Israelite Empire
SOL Virgina Bella Chairman USSR
CIS PROPER Chairman CIS West Commander
CIS Omega Chairman Southern Lacerta OP1

Common Markets We recommend you join"
CFS Market System
A A A For All
NLUO Market System
SOL Bloodline Market System
Seven Nation Army
Seven Nation Army II
Laws of Economics

Good Luck with your decision.. As you read the posts that come up.. Pay close attention to what they write.. If anything I said comes to pass from the first post, then you know at least that I am not lieing and can trust at least a bit of what I am saying.. We hope you make the right choice.. Do you want to take the Wide easy road of the establishment, and become their slave, or take the narrow road, and build with us over time.. The choice is yours...
It will be hard because if you choose to grow and learn with us, you might be presecuted, and afflicted as King Hezekiah would say.. They all think I am him..

Good Luck......

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