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Alternative to the Status Quota

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Saturday, February 7, 2009 - 08:36 pm Click here to edit this post
I am here advocating an alternative to the learning and interaction on this game, as well as status quota as far as the politics are concerned.. More over specifically for Little Upsilon..

I will be boycotted, a security resolution brought against me, accusations of being a multi account, the slander or deletion of this thread all together.. The establishment have very large pull. They use the size of their empires and their knowledge and wealth in the game to get people to ride under what they consider to be the way to play this game and be successful. I will show you the Establishment's way. and the establishment play by federations because most foreign policy is conducted through federations..Remember this thread will be slandered or deleted.. You may only be able to read this 1st post, and disreguard everything else that comes after it..

THe Status Quota: The Establishment
The way you build according to them is correct.. Keep your economy and your profits growing through population, and job creation... We agree..
They believe in once you have taken advice from them, and money, you should agree with their stances on foreign policy, and how the game should be taught, and follow down the same path..
If you desent to their philosophy, you will be isolated, and ridiculed, pre-emptive war will be brought against you and maybe even nuclear war..WE DISAGREE.. All in all if you play ball with how they think things should be, you should be fine in prospering.. Mind you, most of these players have accounnts on other worlds, we want to deal just on LU..For their communication they use the forums, exclusive voting polls, and IRC Chat.

The NLUO World Government
We believe in an organized interaction between nations through a representative World Democracy
We use a separate website to simcountry, and focus on the development of new players to grow and prosper, and to have a voice as soon as there is a full membership... The policies set by the NLUO World Government are then put into action via the federations, which is ground zero.. We are only a world governement for Little Upsilon. We want to make Little Upsilon the Center of all of the Worlds on Simcountry.. If you read the site from the beginning to end you will see how fair, and flexable this government really is.. Not to mention you will be discussing and debating policy with nations of LU on simcountry..Church and State are separate but Equal in the NLUO.. If you want to just focus on policy, and the growth of your nation and LU as a whole, then that is what this government is formed for. A place for all nations to gather at the chatrooms of the NLUO site, the forums, and then take that to the simcountry forums, and IRC Chat. We want to not change the status quota, but give an alternative... If you want to deal with a giant nation, and have them teach you their way to play the game, or you can join a world government and learn the game through policy, and government as you build your own nation.. It is a family of countries coming together on one site to help each other be safe, prosper, conduct foreign policy, and debate politics, without a formal discussion, and channels to declare war. We want war to be the last thing we do.. If you want to grow your empires, that is what nations without Presidents are for..

In Conclusion join the NLUO World Government to get a non bias approach at the game of simcountry through the lense of Little Upsilon.. If you like government, policy, debate, organization, politics, This is the site and movement to join..institutethenluoworldgovernmentAll you have to do is go to the site, and register. The administrator will send you an email, we can get started on your training to become agreat politician, and stateman, and President of your countries, and our World Government... Good

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