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Prism Hare (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, October 30, 2004 - 11:46 pm Click here to edit this post
"Go shoot some of your own men"; I wonder what the hell that means.
Anyway, Keiran should think, before talking.
1. 10000000 can't read; I don't know whether or not that is true, but the point is, we have more people. Get 100 marbles(50 blue, 50 red) and put them in sack #1.
Now, get 10 marbles(5 blue, 5 red) and put them in sack #2.
Now say,"Ha! sack #1 has FIFTY blue marbles, and we only have 5." That may help explain what Kieran is doing. Anyone can focus on a particular group, and exclude the rest, for a sort of an exaggeration.
#2. Why would the US ever feel the need to go to war with China?
#3. Of, course many have British roots. It was a British founded colony. To this very day, I have family in Wales.
Keiran might as well say,"Uh oh! I guess Mexicans can't celebrate Cinco de Mayo, because they have Spanish roots!"
The kind of revolution we're talking about, here, is political. It is when a party* of people rvolt against their government.
The people we were revolting against, was the British, so if we WEREN'T originally British, it wouldn't be a revolution, then, would it?
Besides, if a colony revolted against you, & WON, you should be ashamed. I'm focusing on the fact that we had to revolt in the first place. The British may have been good at conquering. but terrible at governing.
They must have been even worse at reconquering.
#4. I can't argue with you, here, I must admit.
Maybe it would be nice to give the US some reconition of helping, though. The US knew that if Hitler was to take over Europe, the odds of his ability to take the US would increase. You said it yourself, Keiran.
"if the rest of the world stood up to you as a whole america would crumble..."
#5. Yeah, I'm sure you really are greater.**
*party*- a group of people.
**- I was being sarcastic. I'm guessing 'hole' is whole.
The British Empire* may have once been the super power, but presently, the US is. The greatest difference between Keiran & Iis that I have the guts to say that one day the US will fall out of its seat as superpower. We are losing our values, just as Japan did.** People like China will most likely take the place.
* Wow. They own the Falkland Islands, and a few other various small islands.
** Thank god they never did become the superpower.
But now that you're a constitutional monarchy, I'll play along; "God save the queen!"
...not that he permits the worshiping of false idols, anyway...

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