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Wednesday, December 10, 2003 - 02:19 pm Click here to edit this post
Hmmm, Zoodiac21, I do remember when my father (Sr. Master Sgt. in the U.S.A. Air Force) was stationed at R.A.F Alcombury and the late 60's. Seems to me your troops needed a bit of training, my father being an instuctor giving training to the "blokes" in need. I remember the "bloody bimbos" lined up outside the gates waiting for either dates or to find a date with one of our "scumbags" hoping for a meal ticket to the grand ole U.S.A. Oh, I forgot we Americans did leave the British Isles in searce of "freedom"! Mainly freedom of religion, ...have you yet settled your religious strife in all of the British Isles including Northern and Southern Ireland? Then we fought for freedom of taxation from "Britain" starting with the form of the dumping of "tea" in the harbor. I remember reading somewhere of British Officials making sure every Brit took part of getting thier tea, even though they may have gut wounds..eventually painfully poisoning them with that very tea...cor blimemy, smart move gov'n. But in the 3 years I spent in England, I visited many cities including London, and I am glad to say for the most part the people we met were friendly and eager to know us "scumbags", to learn of us on a one on one basis, our customs, our accents, our way of life. They were glad to show us thiers in return, invite us to tea, show us thier rose gardens, thier homes. I learned alot of things by visiting your country but never once did I run into the likes of you, of which I am so glad. I am sure there was prejudice amoungst your countrymen but they at least had the reserve that you do not, to recognise they depend on U.S.A.'s Millitary "scumbags" to defend, train, and be Allies with you. I have posted before that there is no superior millitary forces in this world as it stand today as the the U.S.A. Millitary Forces. Without us "scumbags" the world would be in a far worse state of being, and terrorists and/or other heinous rulers would have seeked domination of the world of which we all now enjoy the very freedoms of our own countries today. Be glad we are willing to put our "scumbags" lives in jeopardy to save the likes of you, and your freedoms you still enjoy. I am glad I didn't run into people like you while I lived in England, the ones I met made me feel welcomed to be there in every manner. As ever, and still proud to be and American! Proud of our finest troops! Proud of our Freedoms! Puffy!

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