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Kieran Brasher (White Giant)

Friday, September 03, 2004 - 07:12 pm Click here to edit this post
some things about america

1: 10000000 can't even read

2: if there was a nuclear war with china, america would be wiped out easily as china have more than half the worlds nukes.

3: George washington was originally english you can see his great great great grandfathers or something at a stately home in england

4: you say that if it wasn't for you we'd be nazi's. wrong we had at the planned invasion date, more boats, more planes, as many men and a ring of defences and they had no landing craft able to make the journey. and remember we fought in the pacific from 1939 till 1945

5: we as a hole our greater we developed lots of the greatest inventions in the modern world Train, jet engine, harrier jump jet,, motorbike and many more.

so shut up you red necks and yankees its not the majority i don't like but the arogant ones who think they rule the world. if the rest of the world stood up to you as a whole america would crumble they rely on imports remember it would hurt the world as america produces lots of iron and oil more importantly but without exports they'd die so you dont rule the world all of you arrogant ponses over the pond

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