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I hate French!

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Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 11:55 pm Click here to edit this post
Excuse the generalisations.

Irish people only say British are arrogant because the British were able to suppress them for so many years. Don't forget that the British have benefited Ireland as well as vice versa. Besides, the major atrocities concucted by the British were almost 100 years ago. Times have changed somewhat. Surely you would not call all Germans anti-semitic nazi supporters because of the 1930/40s?

As for French, as described by the "times" recently, they are arrogant, self-congratulatory and ignorant of foreign affairs, and dont even get me started on the European Union. However, the French stance against the Iraq war cannot be compared to their defeat in WWII. (I was for the war, by the way). As for the Russians and the Japenese, their stance too cannot be challenged, partially because the two countries (particularly Russia) has great faith in the UN and wishes to go by the book and partially because Russia cannot realistically afford to contribute resources to a conflict. Plus Russia has a tradition of friendship with Iraq and in foreign policy, France always tends to favour Russian decisions.

"If the Usa hadn't come to europe's help ... all of europe would be on big German , Nazi , State ... Am i not right?" is actually an incorrect statement, however now i'm nitpicking :)

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