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Steven Coleman (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, July 25, 2004 - 06:32 am Click here to edit this post
It doesn't matter, I saw Jaws when it first came out .. which consequently was the week before I went to 1st class dive school in the Navy.

Quint, Quinn .. either way there was little reference to the Indianapolis in the movie, or any useful information on sharks for that matter.

I've read everything I found on the subject (including the court of inquiry report), talked to one survivor and a PBY co-pilot involved in the search and rescue.

If you want to know what it was like you have to find a crew member that's still alive, has a decent memory still, and is willing to talk.

You want to know what happened, you go elsewhere because by large the crew had/has no idea.

Other than classified general movement there was nothing secret about either her orders or destination.

It's a minor point I know however, but if someone is going to talk about history .. movies are not the place to get much in the way of useful information.

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