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Steven Coleman (Golden Rainbow)

Friday, July 23, 2004 - 10:52 pm Click here to edit this post
LOL .. you know while I do have problems with the attitude carried by "Atticus Finch" and his idea on history. I also have a great deal of problem accepting Nimiz, corporate despots and others.

Get out your history books folks, nimiz has claimed the AEF only fought in one battle during WWI. I'm going to assume he meant "major battle" defined as a maximum "offensive" by all allied forces.

What is totally ignored is why that fight was even required.

The AEF was first used during Ludendorff's Chemin des Dames drive. Do British and French history books even mention the significance of that anymore?

Probably not .... we weren't in it long, I would even go as far as saying the AEF was NOT a major contributor to the ending of WWI with a Armistance request by Germany.

With the BEF penned at Flanders, the French Army out-flanked and German troop rampaging inside army corp supply we DID prevent it from ending on Germany's terms.

To make matters worse since it was common knowlege we silly colonials didn't know the first thing about fighting, rather than capitalizing on the salient and ending the war then an there it was decided to push them back through frontal assault. (thus we have nimz's "one" battle)

Germany's civilian government surrendered, the German Army was never beaten and due to the terms of the Armistance the stage was set then and there for the circumstances allowing WWII.

In WWII England stopped Hitler from invading without much help from anyone else. What little military help she did have from the United States was only provided during the course of keeping the material pipeline open.

As long as the British could obtain the tools to fight, Hitler wasn't going to defeat England.

The Soviets stopped the advancing german army through a strategy that negated the blitzkrieg. Just how much material convoys from the US influenced that, I have no idea. I would suspect however, not nearly as much as many would like to believe.

Germany was not going to defeat the Soviet Union but the way everything stood at that point Germany was in no danger defeat either.

To claim intervention by the United States wasn't the contributing factor to the way WWII ended is naive.

As far as the Pacific goes .. There was only one import that war kept from us .... Rubber. I doubt we'd have lost the Phillipines had we concentrated on that effort and left the European conflict hang longer.

I don't view the United States as the "savior" of the world in either conflict. Anyone that has a shred of honestly however, would have to admit intervention by the United States made the ending shown in today's history books possible.

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