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Corporate Despot (Fearless Blue)

Friday, July 23, 2004 - 08:44 pm Click here to edit this post
lol ´Old Blighty´ is an affectionate slang term for Great Britain.

atticus, i stepped on ya cos you were sticking out your ass and just begging to have it slapped. if you were on FB or GR, a few people would have taken the chance to slap you harder :P

i´m honestly baffled why you think Brits are prejudiced against americans. bear in mind that we´ve chosen to stick extremely closely to america´s lead since WW2, probably more than any other country, at great risk to ourselves (and sometimes even when we weren´t convinced that it was wise). that wouldn´t happen unless we felt a deep affinity for the USA, and shared its values and goals, regardless of the light hearted jokes we may make at your expense.

i suggest you reexamine some of the things you´ve said on these boards. you might just find that the real prejudice and ignorance is in YOU.

america has it´s own problems, just like any other country. i will tentatively suggest perhaps it´s a sign of this that america´s perception of events and history is so hugely diferent from that of the rest of the world. a topic for reflection?

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