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Steven Coleman (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, July 22, 2004 - 02:23 am Click here to edit this post
Chance Meade ...

I don't know why you've got a bone in your teeth over the United Kingdom however, as an American I do find your remarks rather "off the wall".

1) England denied Hitler the ability to invade probably for all the 1940's with material and very minor help from the United States. What help we did provide .. was illegal for the government to do.

Basically we provided access to the tools and she did it herself. What would have happened in 1947 without the events of Dec. 7th, is only conjecture at this point.

Unless the "pipeline" was cut I doubt Germany would have forced a surrender anytime soon.

While I doubt Germany would have ultimately defeated the Soviets, I also doubt the Soviets would have defeated Germany. None of us will ever know now.

2) Who the heck was she suppose to help during the civil war?

The North, the South?

Politically there where tensions with the Federal Government, and morally England was against slavery.

Had the South gone ahead and abolished slavery England might have helped the Confederates, they didn't so she didn't.

If you ask me, England did us a favor by staying out of it.

We helped England in the Nepoleanic Wars? It's been awhile since I studied those, I must have forgotten that.

It's one thing to have personality clashes with individuals. It's quite another to lump everyone in the same boat.

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