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What is Simcountry?

Need workers (Fearless Blue) (Fearless Blue)

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Deez' Knutts (Fearless Blue)

Monday, February 07, 2005 - 04:12 pm Click here to edit this post
From these Knutts production NEWSROOM I'm the one and only BAWLD KNUTTS.

this just in an imigration breakthrough. It seems that the tyranical empire of Corporate Sector Alpha has smuggled in over 300K of worthless .......... Alphaians....alphains.....alfens......allfens.... hell i dont know what they call them selves there just illegals to us. Anway after trying desperatly to genocide these illegals the government of Sir Bors has concluded that it cost TOO much to use one bullet to kill 10 illegals standing in a row. so the government has turned to cashing in on it's large stock of airfare contracts with local air mogul "Knuttless Shrimp" founder of BOREAN EXPRESS AIRLINES. the remaning 180K of High Tech eng. that wern't executed are awaiting deportation being feed only saltwater and saltines (as an experiment by the medieval aged researchers of Sir Bors) so please easy these poor illegal emigrants pain by incorporating them in your country. The ONLY catch is that the government of Sir Bors only has contracted airfare with local BOREAN EXPRESS AIRLINES for round trip tickets. and the Government of Sir Bors being the Cheap bastards they are are NOT willing to lose the value of the return ticket on a one way deportation. so therefore is accepting the following classes of people back in exchange High, middle and low level workers.

from DEEZKNUTS NEWSROOM I'm Bawld Knutts. thank you for joing us tonite. and remember next time your going to a barbaque .....*we'll put OUR red meat on your pearlly white grill*

*Annouccner in arabic accent* Thank you come agian

For those noobs thats 180K High Tech Eng. up for trade for LLWS, MLWS and HLWS

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