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DEF weapons needed (Fearless Blue)

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Nimz ..

Thursday, January 27, 2005 - 07:32 am Click here to edit this post
I got a PM from Giedriu and was going to respond in private, but since Sheik already brought it up, I will tell the story from my POV.

I was offering several giveaway countries, and the offer wasn't seeming to generate any responses, despite several of the countries having fairly large populations. I finally found someone who wanted some of my countries that was able to take them. I also had made an arrangement with someone who didn't have the military power yet to give him the country A punch in the nose (presently called Build corps here).

In the mass of e-mails I got from Simcountry, I didn't notice that one of the war declarations was by Giedriu against A punch in the nose. I had no prior communication with Giedru regarding that country. Had I known Giedriu was planning to capture that country, I would have kindly asked him to pick another of my giveaway countries. Had I seen that he had declared, I would have removed the country from the giveaway fed and put it in a much more protected fed and would have kindly asked him to pick another country.

Basically, there are two reasons why I don't want Giedriu to have that country:
1. It is very close to the heart of my federation, and I would rather have someone friendly or neutral to my federation that close. There have been wars between Giedriu's federation and my federation in the near past.
2. Someone else had already requested that country. I would have given a much friendlier option if I had been informed of Giedriu's attempt first.

My fault was lack of attention, not lack of time. Had I been paying attention to that country more than once every 2-4 days, this wouldn't have happened. Even better, if I had moved the country out of the giveaway fed until my planned opponent was ready, this wouldn't have happened.

BTW, since you can't buy def. weapons when your def. base and airport are too damaged, CSA was right--it wouldn't do you any good. However, you might be able to ask Matt Crouch for some offensive weapons to take my other giveaway countries (not including Jedi Knight--only reserved country atm).

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