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What is Simcountry?

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Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, December 12, 2004 - 10:49 am Click here to edit this post
My point was merely that unlimited spending would not help the small fry fight larger players. You can only buy as much as you make, in the long run.

Unlimited spending would let the largest countries buy even huger amounts of weapons, faster, and would ultimately increase their already masssive advantage.

Large countries wouldnt NECESSARILY go after other large players. Lacking war limits , nothing (except perhaps other players - I would try to stop this of course) would stop a country of 10 100M pop countries from delcaring war on 100 active 7M pop countries and killing them all , one by one or ten by ten.

Removing the war limits makes the top players potentially vulnerable, but it also makes the medium players definitely vulnerable (the small ones are vulnerable no matter what of course)

I am working towards ingame solutions with my federation, but of course w3c wont take ingame solutions into account when planninh :)

I suppose the real point has little to do with actual ranking wartime. It has to do with world-dominance and power. Who cares if you are in second place with a 7M pop country for 28 days out of 30, when there is someone else who can kill the top 50 players by him or herself. The rankings are (even more :) ) meaningless then. Just like the rankings on GR with faith.

New players wont be able to REALLY compete with 60, or 80, or 100M pop countries, regardless of the score positions.

Spending limits are a separate issue.

In my empire, if I dont buy anything for a little while, I can spend more than 2 trillion one weapons in a single month.

this is a significant fraction of the total military production of the planet.

Things do not happen like that in the real world. Armies take years to train, relocate, and equip.

Doing things over the course of years would be too slow in SC, it would make things unplayable. Therefore jozi has made a series of compromises and permitted weapons to be delivered over the course of a few months, and added huge spending limits.

To put things in perspective, when I started playing the game, the spending limits were 8B per month. We were still able to fight massive wars with such limits; involving smaller numbers of weapons systems certainly, but still world wars with hundreds of participating countries.

Increasing the spending limits gives the large guy the advantage, and I think the large guy has at least enough of an advantage at the moment. Im fine with things as they are, and I probably wouldnt complain if the spending limits were reduced :P
On the other hand, id be tickled pink if countries werent required to make a profit, period; and even given bonuses for how close they came to spending all their money :)

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